UBUNTU: Software Freedom Day Seattle info

Paul Bartell paul.bartell at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 04:11:19 BST 2007

Hello all. Well. Im sending this email to update everyone on Software
Freedom Day in Seattle. Currently we have a "free speach space" at
pike place on the 15th. We can be there as early as 8:30 and must
leave by 6pm. I dont think we need to be there that early or that
late. Basically we need to set up a card table and tell people about
Free and open source software. The FSF and canonical each sent
packages of stuff for use, including literature and stickers. The
place we can set up the table is underneath the pergola adjacent to
the Information booth. (or wherever that is). Anyway. theres the info
i have right now. So lets get this show on the road.

p.s. I think an after party might be fun too. but thats just an idea.
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