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In case anyone's interested in leading a session or take one!

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I am pleased to announced the next Open Week dates, 17-21 October,
which is the week after release. This IRC workshop _extravaganza_ is
our showcase of our community to users, where we hand out tips,
tricks, and instructional guides to working with Ubuntu.

I am looking for instructors to give sessions on Ubuntu. This can be
anything from "How to use the software center" to how to get started
with the GIMP, or how to use Unity, etc.


The audience is a technical Ubuntu audience, a good rule of thumb is
"they know how to use IRC". We'd like to keep the sessions Ubuntu and
end-user related, so keep that in mind when signing up for a session.
If you've given a session in the past and want to sign up, feel free
to grab a slot. If you're new (and I do encourage new instructors) and
have questions feel free to ping me via email or find me on IRC
(jcastro on freenode).

As always, the #ubuntu-classroom channel is available during the "off
hours", so if you want to set up your own concurrent sessions that are
more useful for your timezone, then let me know. Also, Local Teams are
encouraged to do concurrent classes in their language or whatever
works for you.

Hope to see you there!

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