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FYI (and hope you'll attend or present):

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Ubuntu Community Week. It's New!

"Ubuntu Community Week" is coming on July 18th (thru July 22nd 2011). The
event outline is available on the wiki
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCommunityWeek, and the full schedule of topics
and presenters will soon be announced.

We have begun assembling a stellar team of presenters, but you probably know
one or two more people, maybe even yourself, who have something interesting
to say about making Ubuntu communities stronger, bigger, and more fun.

Here's your chance. Show the world how your community rocks! Show the world
how to make Ubuntu come alive when people get together to work on (and to
celebrate) the world's most collaborative project.

A brief outline (3 or 4 sentences) of your idea for a presentation is all
that it takes to get started. Please send a note to <randall at executiv.es>.
That's me!



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