Summation of November 1 Virginia Team meeting

Jessica Ledbetter jessica at
Tue Nov 2 01:13:38 GMT 2010

Great meeting y'all! A few of us are still chit chatting in #ubuntu-us-va if
you want to join in!

   - Attendees: Jagged, jledbetter, tarvid, jtatum, zaythan, dotblank,
   tjkent, dasnipa|arpy
   - Talked about UDS and some of the news that came out of it like Unity as
   default and banshee.
   - Voted on adding reapproval process to membership.
      - [jtatum] will look into what we need to do to do that.
   - Tabled: discussion about regional reps until we have an idea of who is

If I missed something, please update:

Next meeting is December 6 @ 8:00 p.m.

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