SouthEast LinuxFest & Reminder of next IRC meeting

Jessica Ledbetter jessica at
Wed Jun 16 16:37:30 BST 2010

It was fantastic. I highly recommend folks go next year.

We [1] got some great ideas to build up activity in the group. Perhaps, we
can discuss that the next IRC meeting [2]? If folks are interested in
hearing the "secrets," come to the meeting.

Is anyone going to OSCON [2]? Any other gatherings of interest? For example,
my local *nix group has meetings on the same evening as another
organization. Since I'm an officer in the latter, I have not made it to the
former. It's easier for me to travel to conferences on the weekend. ;)

Some dates of interest:
July 6: 8:00 p.m. Next meeting in #ubuntu-us-va
October 10: Release of Maverick Meerkat


[1] Not just in the royal sense. James Tatum and I went.
[2] Agenda ideas? Add 'em:
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