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FYI. Don't know if we've done this in the past. Anyone know?

"The deadline to include your team's report in the monthly Ubuntu Team
Reports is the first Sunday of the following Month. For example, January's
report is due the first Sunday of February."

And here's an example:

Laura said that it doesn't have to be in too much detail.

If no one is already doing this, I'll do it and ping the list when a page is


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Aloha, going through the approvals and re approvals it's evident some
teams do use monthly reports to let their team and others know what they
are up to, but a lot don't. Monthly reports
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting/HowTo> are a
really good habit to get into for all of us!  But for LoCo Teams it's
especially good.  It will help you keep track of your events and
possibly if you aren't doing much highlight this to you as you'll see
events decreasing which isn't a good sign of an active team.

What is a good idea is to appoint one person to do up the team report
each month. Mail the team saying the report has been created and let
people add any other snippets of information they may not have heard
about.  This is a great way to stimulate conversation but also means
it's not just down to one person to add content.

Try and do your report a week before it's due to allow for any issues,
such as people going away or not having it done on time. Or allow for
people to blog/upload photos of a past event so it can be included in
the report.

Don't forget to write up a summary of past events, link to these on the
report, link to photos.  We appreciate not everyone is on planet Ubuntu,
using the reports this way is a great way to learn more about the events
that are happening.

Leading by example, as we know we can't ask folks to do monthly reports
without doing them ourselves, here is the July report from the LoCo
Council <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams/LoCoCouncil/TeamReports/10/July>



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