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Great news!

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Aloha !!!!

I am very pleased to announce the new Conference packs for LoCo Teams,
this came from a session at UDS-M in Brussels of this year but also was
something we've been looking at for a while.  So it's great to see an
action item marked DONE but also has a positive effect for a lot of
people.  We wanted to encourage teams to become and stay an approved
LoCo Team and how we could possibly help. With that in mind we looked
what was currently available, we talked to many people on what they
thought might be helpful to them. When you attend an event you are
representing your team and Ubuntu, so to present yourself in a
professional manner we looked at things like a banner for teams.

The LoCo Council would like to thank Jane Silber for this as she was one
of the people in the session who encouraged us to bring this action item
to light and also we've had great help from Cezzaine Haugh and also
Canonical for making this happen for all LoCo Teams, thank you very much!

The following has been approved for conference packs, and the wiki
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences> has been updated to
reflect this

_Once off gift to approved loco teams_
   When a LoCo Team is approved, part of what they need to do is
   nominate someone to receive and manage their LoCo Welcome Pack,
   which Canonical will provide.

       * x1 PVC banner - (one design only)
       * x1 Table cloth - (one design only)

_Pack A_ - Approved loco teams

       * x55 Lanyards
       * x2 caps
       * x25 mixed sticker sheets
       * x25 pin-badges - (These have yet to be produced)
       * x2 t-shirts (release t-shirt) for give-away/booth staff
       * x1 Official Ubuntu Book (prize/give-away) - (Only while stocks
         last, we will not produce anymore than the amount received
         after each release)
       * CDs (250 Desktop, 25 Server, 25 Kubuntu) - (To be requested
         via shipit as per usual process)
       * Name badges (Loco to produce their own)
       * Ubuntu leaflets (Loco to create a project to produce their own
       * Ubuntu video (Canonical to provide - will be available for d/l
         on wiki once completed)

_Pack B_ - UnApproved loco teams

       * x25 mixed sticker sheets
       * x55 Lanyards
       * CDs (75 Desktop) - (To be requested via shipit as per usual
       * Name badges (Loco to produce their own)
       * Ubuntu leaflets (Loco to create a project to produce their own
       * Ubuntu video (Canonical to provide - will be available for d/l
         on wiki once completed)

Also discussed and decided last week on was:

   * Ubuntu leaflets - not relevant in most countries due to various
     languages. Loco council will introduce a community driven project
     for loco teams to design their own Ubuntu leaflets based on brand
     guidelines and access to assets. Assets for these can be found at:
   * Name-badge designs - this is mainly when hosting their own events.
     Again Loco's to create their own using assets and brand guidelines.
   * Ubuntu video to run on machines at events - Canonical is currently
     working on a generic Ubuntu video in English and a few other
     languages - this will be added to the wiki page
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences> once completed.

Laura Czajkowski on behalf of the Ubuntu LoCo Council


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