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Great idea Scott. I'll do this after work. Do you (or anyone else) know if
there is a way to make an identi.ca account postable by multiple users? With
grouptweet we have it so that multiple people can send direct messages to
@ubuntu_virginia, and they will be posted to the @ubuntu_virginia account.
If we could do something similar with identi.ca, that would be ideal.

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 3:29 AM, Scott Abbey <scott at eotr.net> wrote:

> I noticed that a Twitter [1] account was set up for the Virginia team.
> I would suggest that we also create an identi.ca [2] account. For
> those that don't know, identi.ca is a Twitter-like service that runs
> on laconi.ca [3], an open source implementation of the open
> microblogging spec. It seems appropriate for a group that professes
> free software ideals to use a platform that runs on free software in
> preference to a closed system like Twitter. That doesn't mean that I
> think we should stop using Twitter. On the contrary, identi.ca makes
> it easy to cross post to both: linking the accounts in identi.ca
> allows posts you submit to identi.ca to be automatically forwarded to
> Twitter.
> (FYI my identi.ca [4] and my Twitter [5] accounts.)
>  1. http://www.twitter.com/ubuntu_virginia
>  2. http://identi.ca
>  3. http://laconi.ca
>  4. http://identi.ca/malakhi
>  5. http://www.twitter.com/eotr
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