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Here's the announcement for the USU Free Software and Linux Club meeting
that's coming up.  Feel free to attend!


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Hello Members,

Next week, on Thursday March 11 at 5pm in ENGR 106, we will be having
our second meeting of the semester. This time we will have John Huppi shari=
with us some interesting information on Networking. He is part of USU's IT
Security Team and a member of FSLC. We will learn how most networks
work, what is IP, what is a protocol, how these work, what is a Firewall an=
how cant the software "iptables" help us to protect our Linux computer from
network attacks, plus other things.This talk will certainly be very interes=

Also, after the talk we will be a "Show off your PC" moment. So, if
you can, bring
your customized Linux machine and show us what you've done with it.

The Club has not enough money to buy Pizza, but if each one of you
brings 2 bucks to the meeting, we can have Pizza after the talk.

Remember, Thursday March 11 at 5pm in ENGR 106.

We hope to see you there!

Iv=E1n Jim=E9nez
USU Free Software and Linux Club

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