[ubuntu-us-ut] 64-bit vs 32-bit (Was: Re: 10.04 CD shipment ordered)

Christian Horne blendmaster1024 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 01:24:02 BST 2010

> After all, you paid for it, so why not get every penny out of your hardware?

i got my computer from ERGS, so i didn't pay for it with money.

as for whether 64 or 32 is faster on a 64 proc, i'd say that yes, 64
is faster, but not quite enough to warrant picking up and moving to 64
if you've already set up with 32; and i know a lot of people who are
pretty ... "encamped" in 32, who will be using dist-upgrade to get to
10.04, and who don't give a crap about the last little bit of speed
(i'm talking about techies here).

just my 2 cents ... or maybe 2 dollars ...

On 4/7/10, Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/7/2010 4:07 PM, Christer Edwards wrote:
>> If you have 4G+, absolutely use 64bit. You'd be crazy and wasteful not to.
>> If you don't, well.. it's up to you, but I still won't bother.
> As I mentioned, there's a lot more to the 64-bit side of the coin than
> the total amount of physical RAM in your system. If you have 64-bit
> hardware, and you are running a 64-bit operating system, you _will_ see
> performance and reliability improvements, as I outlined, even if you
> have less than 4GB of RAM. You're deliberately holding your hardware,
> and ultimately your productivity, back by running a 32-bit operating
> system on 64-bit hardware.
>> I still think you're running it mostly on principle (if you're going
>> to pick on me a little, I'm going to do the same) ;)
> No worries. I deserve to get picked on more than I am. You are right,
> however, that I am mostly running 64-bit out of principle. At least,
> that is how it started. But, I have the hardware, so why not? Why not
> get more on the bus? Why not get more out of my CPU? Why not get more
> out of virtual address space? Why not get increased file I/O? Why not
> get increased stability? Even if I have 2GB of installed RAM on my
> notebook, why should I run 32-bit over 64-bit? From my seat, it doesn't
> offer any benefits, yet 64-bit over 32-bit does. Even with 2GB of RAM.
> I too run proprietary 32-bit applications. I use Adobe reader. I use
> Mathematica 7. I'm running the 32-bit flash browser plugin (although I
> now know the 64-bit one is available, so I'll likely upgrade). But these
> 32-bit apps don't make up 1/2 the time I'm on my machine. I'm usually in
> a 64-bit browser, with a 64-bit email client, behind a 64-bit terminal,
> using 64-bit Vim, etc.
> All-in-all, I'll argue that if you have the physical hardware,
> regardless of RAM installation, you should be running 64-bit. After all,
> you paid for it, so why not get every penny out of your hardware? (Now
> I'm starting to sound like a Gentoo sympathizer. :) )
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