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Fri Sep 4 14:59:43 BST 2009

The Utah Open Source Conference 2009 is rapidly approaching, and while you might not have be a presenter, you still have opportunities to help out in the largest community technology conference in the Mountain West.  Just like the rest of the Open Source World, the conference depends on volunteers to help our community have the best experience possible.  The conference team is looking for volunteers to help with several jobs to make our conference be better than ever.

    * Help out more in the open source community
    * Get FREE entrance to the conference
    * Make sure you have the best seat for the presentations you like

All volunteers will be expected to participate for 4 hours, with flexible schedules.  Signing up early allow you to attend the conference for free and helps guarantee access to your preferred sessions.  Call it our recession beater discount!

Positions Available:

   1. Room Managers
          * Introduce presenters
          * Help with any hardware requirements
          * Run AV recording system
          * Keeping statistics of attendees
   2. Ushers
          * Assist with registration
          * Assist attendees
          * Help Core Team with general conference needs
   3. Setup/Cleaning
          * Preparing Handouts
          * Assist with vendors and community booths
   4. Video Processing
          * Take care of AV hardware in rooms
          * Provide room managers with tools necessary to record
          * Transcoding AV materials for podcasts

Of course, if you are looking to become more involved in the conference itself, the Core Team is always looking for individuals who wish to join up.  Come help run this years conference, and help prepare for next year too.
How to Become a Volunteer for UTOSC 2009

If you are interested in helping out, contact us at volunteer at utos.org with your schedule, and what you would like to do to help Open Source succeed in Utah.

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