[ubuntu-us-ut] Have your LUG meeting at the Utah Open Source Conference 2009

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Thu Sep 3 07:13:25 BST 2009


The Utah Open Source Conference 2009 is the premier venue for the discussion of open source technologies in the Mountain West, held on October 8-10, 2009.  Your Local User Group (LUG) deals specifically with open source, so we have set aside time slots so you can actually hold your monthly meeting during our conference. This gives you a great venue with the potential to pull in new members as well as expose your existing members to other technologies that can fit well with your normal topics.

We have a limited number of slots for LUGs to meet, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.  LUG meetings will be on Thursday, the first day of the conference, and LUG leaders have 3-5 minutes during our conference introduction that day to pitch their group to attendees.  

LUG members also get 50% a discount on conference admission, the promo code for Ubuntu Utah Users Group is UBUNT.

You might also consider printing up flyers for distribution that contain an overview of your LUG, the date, time, and location of your regular meetings, and the time and location of your meeting at UTOSC 2009.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Barry McCormick about your LUG meeting schedule and the 5 minute "who-we-are" speech.  Barry is available at bmac2 at maildragon.com or 801-403-8625.  C. R. is available at cro at ncbt.org or 801-564-4673.

We look forward to helping your LUG be a valuable part of our conference.  Please get your members to register and attend!! Registration is available at http://attend.utosc.com, and the conference website is at http://2009.utosc.com.


Barry McCormick
C. R. Oldham
Program Managers
Utah Open Source Conference 2009

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