[ubuntu-us-ut] June Meeting and Stepping Down

Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Sat May 30 04:40:00 BST 2009

It's that time again. We need a topic and presenter for the June month.
We have July covered (thanks Trevor!), but June is still wide open. So,
what would you like to see presented, and is anyone willing to step up
to the plate? We have two weeks to make a decision, so we need to find
someone quickly.

Also, I've been leading the group for 13 months since Christer stepped
down, and I don't have the time to dedicate to leading it any longer.
Also, I feel that a LUG shouldn't be lead by someone longer than a year,
giving others the opportunity to lead. This gives a bit of change-up in
the community, and could introduce new ideas and a new style of
execution to the team.

As such, we need to find a way to bring the new leader in. I would say
the best way to handle it, is let those who want to lead, send an email
to the group, with a nice summary of why you should be picked to lead.
Think of it as campaigning. Then, the rest of the team will vote in the
new leader, based on the platforms and campaigns of those submitted.
Very democratic, no? If there's a better way to handle it, I'm all ears,
but I do fell that the community should decide who leads next.


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