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Colby W. wrote:
> As many of you may have noticed in #ubuntu-us-ut, Aaron and I have
> been comparing notes on when we first started using Linux. This led me
> to wonder what was the operating system on everyone's first home PC.
> Aaron suggested we broaden our audience (and, hopefully,
> participation) by asking the mailing list. I am going to broaden the
> scope of the poll a bit and ask a couple more questions. You are
> encouraged to ask questions of your own as well.
> This is strictly an "out of curiosity" polling; you don't have to
> participate but it will allow everyone to get to know each other a
> little bit better.
> 1. What was the OS of your first home PC?
> 2. What was the processor, speed, and amount of RAM of your first home PC?
> 3. What was the first computer you ever sat in front of (think back to
> elementary school)?
> 4. What was the first Linux distribution and version you installed by yourself?

1) MS-DOS 4.0
2) 80x286 with 640KB RAM (don't recall the speed)
3) Apple IIe
4) Red Hat 7.2 (I learned to hate Red Carpet quickly)

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