[ubuntu-us-ut] March meeting

Will Smith undertakingyou at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 20:51:58 GMT 2009

I like where you are going. I think a meet and great could be good. We could
also toss out ideas for future meetings.

2009/3/6 Aaron Toponce <atoponce at ubuntu.com>

> So, I've dropped the ball a bit on getting a presenter for our March
> meeting a week from tomorrow. As it sits, we don't have anyone on the
> chopping block for a presenter, and nothing for a topic. Anyone willing
> to step up to the plate, and make it happen? If nothing my Monday, then
> maybe we'll just have a social meet-n-greet at MacCools (sp?) that
> night, and do a bit better for April. Thoughts?
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