[ubuntu-us-ut] Release Party Planning (Was: Re: Jaunty CDs Requested)

Trevor Sharpe tsharpe at xmission.com
Thu Apr 16 23:28:50 BST 2009

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I like it. Good food and WiFi, it brought a good turn out.

Of course if you follow the IRC conversation today. I think we have
narrowed the choices down to Gourmandie's or McCools. I am flexible with
either. Does anyone else have a opinion?

I am 60/40 for Gourmandie's.

(this just in top posters kill Stuart Jansen in mob violence)

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Mike Basinger wrote:
>> We have not completely decided about our release party, but I did put
>> a placemarker on the wiki page.
> I need to know if the last place we had the release party would work for
> this one as well. Remember, it was the bakery on 3rd south and 3rd east.
> Thoughts?

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