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Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 00:20:56 BST 2009

The Utah Open Source Foundation has been working very hard this year.
We’ve got a lot of fun things in store. In fact, we’re starting this
year off with a new theme that really builds upon the foundations of
open source and free software. We really believe that with this year’s
theme for the Utah Open Source Conference 2009 we’ve hit the current
trends on the head.
UTOSC 2009 Theme

Affordability, Scalability, Reliability (See the image and full story
at http://blog.utos.org)

Now that you have seen the theme for UTOSC 2009.  Let’s talk about the
three tenets of the UTOSC 2009 theme.


Affordability doesn’t just mean cost, it also means value. Free and
open source software (FOSS) provides this value. Not only in it’s low
costs (aka free as in beer), but in it’s maintenance costs being only
those of expertise. No contracts to sign, no company to ask for
improvements, and value added because you can make the change
yourself. In addition, because expertise is generally the only cost,
companies that use free software won’t feel locked in when looking for
support options.


Scalability means many things to many people: flexibility of costs,
software load management, ability to grow without complication, and
many more. Scalability makes things better. Free and open source
software provides solutions in every area from customer management to
security, and simple applications to complex environments. Because
code is so easy to view and change, FOSS has the most flexible,
scalable solutions around.


Reliability is among the most important components in free and open
source software. The number of eyes looking at the code, and the
community that helps make the software, provides a paradigm which sets
FOSS apart. Being able to make changes and have a community willing to
test the software makes it more reliable and solid. If you want
reliability, you go with free and open source software, its community
of developers, testers, and users.

These three components of the Utah Open Source Conference 2009 will
excite the mind, challenge the soul and ultimately improve free and
open source software. We at the Utah Open Source Foundation look
forward to seeing your presentation, thoughts and enjoyment of this
theme during the upcoming UTOSC 2009.

See you all at the Utah Open Source Conference 2009. Watch for the
announcement of the venue and conference dates in the next couple


Clint Savage
Founder, Utah Open Source Foundation
http://2009.utosc.com | http://utos.org
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