[ubuntu-us-ut] November, December and general meeting ideas

Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 9 22:23:59 BST 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 is due for release on the 30th of this month. Our regularly
scheduled meeting falls on November 8th. I say we schedule this date for
our release party. I've got some ideas lined up for where we can meet,
which would allow food and computers.

There has been some discussion on IRC about a possible meeting topic
revolving around Irssi- _the_ text based IRC client. Any thoughts on
this? I would be more than willing to present, and can cover all sorts
of subtopics, including irssi-proxy, irssi-otr, adding bitlbee to the
mix, and other things.

I have been tossing around the idea of adding a questions and answers
forum at the beginning of each meeting. Basically, for an hour, we just
discuss what's on our mind, then for the next hour, we have the meet
itself. After which, if you're up to it, we meet somewhere locally for
snacks/drinks, and just hang out (some of us have been doing this
already). The times of the meeting wouldn't change, just the format.
I've been to a few Philadelphia LUG meetings, and this is the format
they use for their meeting structure. It seems to work out well, so I'm
tossing the idea out here. Thoughts?

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