[ubuntu-us-ut] April Meeting and Release Party

John M. Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 21:05:12 GMT 2008

> For example, I could take 10-15min describing why I like aptitude over
> apt-get, giving a few demonstrations and examples.  Christer could then
> talk about why he likes Irssi over XChat.  Clint could show off Vim, and
> it's wonderful text editing capabilities.  In other words, we could have
> 5 or 6 different presenters, each showing their favorite app, explaining
> why they like it, and demos of what makes it so great.
> Thoughts?
> Aaron

I think this would be great to do this like a debate, you can talk about how 
you love aptitude and then sjansen can talk about why yum/rpm is better. And
then we can find someone who utilizes a graphical irc client and they can 
rebuttal against christers irssi talk.

Maybe not "debate" but it'd be nice to see opposing sides and features of each

I can present on gnome main menu (g-m-m) vs traditional gnome menus. 

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