[ubuntu-us-ut] OLPC, rarely used, for sale

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 02:09:53 BST 2008

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Christer Edwards wrote:
>> I found myself tidying up my office this afternoon and yet again trying
>> to find a place and a use for the OLPC I bought last Winter.  I realize
>> I really don't ever use it, and haven't used it much at all since I got
>> it.
> I'm not interested in purchasing it, but if you're a Python developer,
> this would be a great hardware platform to start testing your
> applications against, as it's Python-based.
I'll see tomorrow if we can take it on a Rotary trip to Mexico later 
this year and give it to the village - if so, I'll buy it. 

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