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Joseph Barney linuxalien at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 18:16:50 BST 2008

This all sounds good. I'll definitely attend more meetings when I get the
chance. Time to load up the old website and see when the next one is....and
a BBQ sounds oh so good. Mmmmmmm!!!!


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce at gmail.com>

> Christ and I have some ideas that we're tossing around for some future
> meetings.  For August, I'm thinking something in the way of a social
> meet-and-greet at a park.  BBQ and games are on the agenda.  Of course,
> bring spouses, significant others, kids, etc.  Details will follow, but
> it will most likely be on our traditional 2nd Saturday.  It will also
> most likely be BYOM (bring your own meat).
> Also, during the month of August, Ubuntu is hosting the Bug Jam which
> aligns on the same weekend as the meeting.  This would be a great time
> for us to raise bug awareness on our machines, submit them, document
> them, triage, etc.
> Further, for August, we are on Xmission's calendar to do a community
> presentation on Ubuntu.  It's at the Main SLC Library downtown.  Details
> will follow, but the topic is basic Ubuntu, or learning the Ubuntu
> desktop, installing software, moving around the menus, etc.  There are 2
> meetings scheduled, and I'll have details probably sometime next week.
> For September and beyond, I'm looking for volunteers to do
> presentations.  I have some ideas rolling around, and if anyone has
> experience in these topics, please let me know:
> * Basic Perl programming.  As Perl is the glue that keeps the system
> administration tools happy, this might be a good evening.
> * Netfilter with iptables and ufw.  Ubuntu has made ufw the default
> firewall front-end for iptables, and it's supposed to be "uncomplicated".
> * KVM with qemu or virt-manager.  Ubuntu has made KVM the default
> virtualization technology, and it's definitely the current trend.
> * Edubuntu.  I would *love* to see a presentation on this.  Every Utah
> school district should be using it in one form or another.
> * AppArmor.  Ubuntu also made this the default MAC software, so learning
> how to administer it would be great.
> I'm up for more ideas on future meetings, but I think this is a good
> start.  Let me know what you guys think.
> Thanks,
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