[ubuntu-us-ut] Aug BBQ

Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 25 13:39:39 BST 2008

Augusts meeting will be moved forward a week to Aug 2nd, a week from
this Saturday.  We will be having a BBQ party with PLUG in Scera Park,
in Orem.  Details can be found here: http://plug.org/node/125.

If attending, you will be required to bring your own meat and side dish.
 If any of you have grills that you would be willing to help with the
BBQ'ing, that would be helpful.

We will be in the Red pavilion.  Show up as early as 9am and the next
group doesn't have it registered until 4pm, so stay as long as you would
like.  We will actually be grilling between 12 noon and 2pm.  Bring
family and friends, games, and any{one,thing} else you think will make
an enjoyable day.

Further, don't forget the Utah Open Source Conference is on the
28th-30th.  See the UTOS site and mailing list for details, or talk with

See you there!
Aaron Toponce         ( )  ASCII Ribbon Campaign
www.aarontoponce.org   X   www.asciiribbon.org
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