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Where can we get more information on this bill and who supports it?


On Jan 24, 2008 4:08 PM, Christer Edwards <christer.edwards at gmail.com>

> Good afternoon,
> My name is Christer Edwards.  I own property in Orem and have recently
> learned about House Bill 139.  I hope you are able to take a moment
> and hear how I feel this House Bill will affect us.
> I'm really disappointed to hear that you are behind house bill 139.  I
> feel this bill would enforce additional government control on a local
> level, something that I thought you were against.  I also believe that
> our local government has more important things to be concerned with
> other than enforcing age restrictions on internet usage.
> I applaud the effort in trying to protect the children of the state.
> As a father I can only agree that I want my child protected from the
> potential harms of the internet.  I believe, however, that the method
> is mislead.  There are hundreds of legitimate uses of the internet,
> and enforcing access restrictions should not be placed on our
> government.  Restriction should be a point in family education.
> Protecting my child from the potential harms of the internet is my
> concern, and not that of my local government.  Efforts should be
> directed at education and responsibility, other than the direction
> this bill suggests.
> I am part of a number of local and state wide technical groups, which
> I am sure you have recently heard from.  I have seen a number of
> letters to you pass through our discussion lists and I can assure you
> that many of the people you represent are aware of them.  I invite
> anyone on these lists that has not yet contacted you to do so.
> I also hope you will consider how this will affect public services,
> such as Xmissions donated public internet.  I believe services like
> this show how Utah is advancing in the technical community and has
> been able to successfully deploy an infrastructure like this, where
> other states and cities have failed.  I have made use of this free
> service and I applaud Xmission for what they have done in downtown and
> other areas.  If this bill were to pass it would effectively remove
> these services for *all* of us, not just for those that you'd like to
> protect.
> I invite you to reconsider the direction of this house bill.
> Thank You,
> Christer Edwards
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