[ubuntu-us-ut] Leadership Change

Joseph Smidt josephsmidt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 19:19:38 GMT 2008

Many may not know or remember me since I moved to Southern California
a year ago for graduate school and was not as active as I should have

I can remember when the Ubuntu-utah team first started.  I remember
having meetings over irc figuring out how we were going to distribute
hundreds of Breezy CDs.  How did we do?!!! :)  I remember emailing all
the Lugs in Utah telling them that such thing as a Ubuntu-Utah team
existed.  I remeber trying to convince the BYU physics department to
switch some machines to Ubuntu Linux.  I was successful!

Those were the good old days. :)

Christer was an amazing leader.  He went to great personal effort to
get the team underway.  He pioneered the becoming a member process for
the team.  I can still remember when he became a member.  Seveas was
on IRC saying Mark Shuttleworth was looking for him.

I want to thank Christer.  Because of his leadership there is a great
Ubuntu-Utah team and now the US team.

Anyways, I appreciate his work, and all the rest of yours.  I'm still
using and heavily advocating Ubuntu here in So.Cal.!

                   Joseph Smidt
       Joseph Smidt
     josephsmidt at gmail.com

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