[ubuntu-us-ut] Leadership Change

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 10 08:16:49 GMT 2008


For those that weren't at the recent meeting on debian packaging you
missed an announcement at the end of the meet.  This would have been
done in a more orderly fashion had I actually been on time (oops).

The Ubuntu Utah Team lead contact is now Aaron Toponce (atoponce,
atoponce at ubuntu.com).  He has been super active in team activity since
the inception of the team and I have handed the reigns to him.  After
two years of team leadership I'm ready to take a more relaxed position
for a bit.  I will still be active and readily available for activities,
support, "harshing Trevor's mellow", etc.. but for business related matters
please refer to Aaron.

I'm sure Aaron will do a great job for our team as he's done with me in
the US Teams project and others.

If anyone, for whatever reason, has issue with this change feel free to
contact either of us.

Thank You,
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