[ubuntu-us-ut] Topics for next year

James VanTassel hsabort at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 20:06:14 GMT 2008

well, i'm up for doing a presentation on Samba and NFS.

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> I'm very much interested in getting higher attendance out to the
> meetings. As such, if you haven't attended, because of topics that you
> didn't like, or didn't interest you, now is your time to pipe up, and
> tell me what you want to learn.
> As it sits, January through December next year is completely free.
> Seeing as though 2 of those will be release parties, and there will
> probably be some social event, like the inter-LUG BBQ, we really only
> need 9 topics. Anyone? Here are some possible ideas:
>  * Setting up HTTP(S)
>  * Setting up DNS
>  * Setting up SMTP(S)
>  * Setting up file servers (NFS, FTP, SAMBA, etc)
>  * Setting up a Kerberos realm
>  * SELinux vs AppArmor
>  * Virtualization
> The topics could go on and on. Anyone have some ideas, and also willing
> to present? Yeah, we need presenters too.
> Thanks,

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