[ubuntu-us-ut] Topics for next year

Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 11 18:06:42 GMT 2008

I'm very much interested in getting higher attendance out to the
meetings. As such, if you haven't attended, because of topics that you
didn't like, or didn't interest you, now is your time to pipe up, and
tell me what you want to learn.

As it sits, January through December next year is completely free.
Seeing as though 2 of those will be release parties, and there will
probably be some social event, like the inter-LUG BBQ, we really only
need 9 topics. Anyone? Here are some possible ideas:

 * Setting up HTTP(S)
 * Setting up DNS
 * Setting up SMTP(S)
 * Setting up file servers (NFS, FTP, SAMBA, etc)
 * Setting up a Kerberos realm
 * SELinux vs AppArmor
 * Virtualization

The topics could go on and on. Anyone have some ideas, and also willing
to present? Yeah, we need presenters too.

 ,-O  Aaron Toponce
O   } Ubuntu Member
 `-O  http://www.ubuntu.com
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