[ubuntu-us-ut] Ubuntu/Debian Equivalents for RH facilities?

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 16:51:25 GMT 2007

Charles Curley wrote:
> * mkbootdisk makes a boot CD-ROM image for booting to your existing
>   installation. The ISO image provides a compatible kernel and
>   initrd. Given modern kernels and the lack of floppy drives in newer
>   computers, the CD-ROM ISO image capability is essential.

mkboot in the package 'debianutils' I imagine is what you're looking for.

> * One can run "rpm -Va" to list differences in files between the
>   present installed file and that in the package. For example,
>   if permissions and ownerships of a file have changed since
>   installation, the program will report the fact. Is there a debian
>   equivalent?

debsums is definitely what you're looking for there, although the output
is a bit different from rpm.

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