[ubuntu-us-ut] stopping network manager

John M. Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 01:41:52 GMT 2007

On 10/28/07, Clint Savage <herlo1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So in other words, its just another location for /etc/init.d/.  From
> what I've read in this thread, I can't see how upstart is *event*
> driven in this area.  Seems to me that's the job of dbus and hal and
> other device tools.

I just realized I didn't cover why its "event" based.  Rather than the
current SysV setup where you say "apache starts in runlevel 3",
"mounting happens at  level 1", upstart will handle the udev
"partition found" event and mount the drive if its in fstab, or
you'll say "apache starts on networking" and then when upstart
gets "network interfaces found" it'll trigger a "network up" event
that apache will be listening to, and it'll get started.

Gentoo also does something like this with your init scripts, first
they have mappings to meaningful names rather than numbers
so you have runlevel boot   rather than runlevel 1, and they have
depends() { }   function on all of their init scripts, so although its
not event driven, you can say "make sure this starts before I do".
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