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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 24 17:02:46 BST 2007

On Tue Oct 23, 2007 at 10:52:38PM -0600, jtaber wrote:
> I'm ready to upgrade my macbook from Feisty to Gutsy - I usually do a 
> clean install, so now's the time to do any big changes. 
> I'm currently dual booting and since bootcamp only allows 2 partitions, 
> I don't have a separate /home  partition  on my linux partition which 
> stinks since I can't do a clean upgrade or in case something goes wrong. 
> a) I've read that we don't even need bootcamp - if you're not using it, 
> how's it done ?
> b) Can there be 3 partitions ? (I guess there can be since some triple 
> boot).

On my machine I didn't use bootcamp (which is not even available anymore
unless you upgrade to Leopard).  I wiped my machine with gparted and
killed all the partitions.  I think created the number of partitions I
wanted to use and re-installed Mac OSX into one of those partitions (I
used about 10G for OSX).  I then installed Ubuntu to the other few
partitions (/boot, swap, /, /home) and everything worked fine.  I just
make sure that anytime I re-install (which happens alot with all the
testing I do) that I do manual partitioning, and leave the OSX partition
alone.  It has worked just fine for half-dozen reinstallations at least.

Granted with my solution it wipes everything but I put a lot of thought
and research into how to do this when I first got the macbook so I
didn't have anything to lose at the time.  A pound of prevention... ;)

So, again, I've got something like five partitions, and didn't use
bootcamp.  I did the partitioning, installed OSX, got all the upgrades
(firmware) to OSX and installed rEFIt as the boot loader, then installed
Ubuntu makisg sure to leave the OSX partition alone and unused.

Hope that helps a bit,
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