[ubuntu-us-ut] Release Party This Saturday

Kevin Kubasik kevin at kubasik.net
Fri Oct 19 07:03:23 BST 2007


I'm a long time Ubuntu contributor, and a short-time Utah resident. My
roomate and I were interested in not only attending the party, but
becoming active in the Utah Team (if the manpower is wanted/needed).
The reason I'm writing to the list is that the move was so recent I
haven't gotten my car out here yet, and was wondering if (and _only_
if) someone might be passing through the South Jordan/Sandy area on
their way to the party and might like some company.

If people are coming from other directions, or will be downtown for
something else before the party, don't worry about it, were
resourceful and have some friends that we can probably bum a car off
of for the night (its just a question of how many gallons of bribery
it will cost us ;) ).

Anyways, I hope to meet some of you at the party!

Oh, and since Launchpad pretty much rules the world, here's my page:

Kevin Kubasik

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