[ubuntu-us-ut] Still disappointed

Ian van Natter ian.vannatter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 06:08:42 BST 2007

New Kubuntu, still no wireless support for me. 
Anyone know if any of the old fixes work with a Dell Wireless 1390 
(broadcom) card?  Last release, I could never get wireless working for 
long and finally gave up and reinstalled windows.  I don't have much 
time/patience/interest for tinkering with something like wireless. I 
really like ubuntu, I'd even be willing to pay for it if wireless worked 
reliably for me but the last 4 releases have all been the same.  I know 
the reasons for it, but I wish some of the fixes could just be 
incorporated into the kernel so we could just have something working. 
Sorry for the rant..just a bit frustrated still.


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