[ubuntu-us-ut] Bittorrent Obscurity

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 20:28:18 BST 2007

> Charles Curley wrote:
> > Why is the bittorrent download capability so danged obscure on
> > ubuntu.com? I started slurping in the iso via httpd because I saw no
> > reference to bittorrent on the main download page
> > (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download). That is pathetically slow,
> > for the obvious reason.
> >
> > I finally searched the site, twice, on separate keywords. Several
> > clicks after that, I finally found a page with bittorrent files:
> > http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/.
> >
> > Please do everyone a favor: ask the web folks to make bittorrent much
> > more prominent, and to promote it as the preferred protocol. Please
> > list it on the main download page ahead of the http stuff.


There is a link right on the mirrors page near the bottom.  Its
actually hard to miss if you're looking for bittorrent downloads...  I
guess the fact that you have to click three times might make it a bit
more difficult, though I found it first try.



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