[ubuntu-us-ut] Ubuntu Case Badges

Nick Brooks jalapeno at xmission.com
Wed Oct 10 21:59:09 BST 2007

The food court isn't open on Saturday. 

Mike Basinger wrote:
> Before we would choose the Union, I'm trying to find out if the food
> court is open.
> Mike
> Trevor Sharpe wrote:
>> Well what exactly are the dates that we are looking for because I am
>> affiliated with a group that has rented the Ray Olpin Ballroom (all of
>> it), for Oct 20th.
>> That is why I would have not have been able to attend any Oct 20th
>> meeting. I believe that you could get the get the Salt Air Room, plenty
>> of room, large projector television. Parking might be a situation.
>> Maybe Mike Basinger could contact Deana Johnson (I think that is the
>> contact). I don't know what they would need for a reservation.
>> Just a thought.
>> _____________________________________
>> staff-gmail wrote:
>>> If you had the release party at the Student Union, you could have a 
>>> banner or some such and maybe attract a lot of students !! - that would 
>>> be really fun.  Could maybe have a sponsor or chip-in and have some free 
>>> food around (as long as we buy it from there, I don't think there is any 
>>> problem).  Also by having it at the Union, avoid the whole "group 
>>> meeting" thing in trying to get space. 

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