[ubuntu-us-ut] BYU Unix User Group to be Streamed Live!

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 06:19:55 BST 2007

This weeks meeting at BYU-UUG given by Michael Torrie on OpenLDAP
seems exciting. To me, this sounds like an amazing topic, and because
of this, we at Utah Open Source would like to share it with you. And
thus, we'll be streaming our second user group meeting in as many

To listen to the stream, go to http://stream.utosf.org, right near the
presentation will be links to get to the appropriate stream.  This
should be set up around 7:15pm, the actually meeting starts at
approximately 7:30pm.  You'll hear intro music at first, and then the
stream will start when the meeting starts.

We'll also be making available the irc channel #utos-meeting on
irc.freenode.net for questions and comments. There will be a moderator
watching and will pose questions to Michael as requested.  If you are
not familiar with IRC, you can join by following the tutorial here.

For those of you who have to watch the kids, or go to some social
event and would rather come to this, this is a great opportunity to
still participate in the meet. Proving the live stream is something
Utah Open Source Foundation plans to do at least once per month for
now, and will be helping the groups enable this feature themselves.

In addition, the recording will immediately be available right here on
utosf.org for download. If you are unable to listen during the meet,
come back here tomorrow night after the meeting and you can download
the ogg version of the file.

We hope to see many in there in person, and are excited to provide
this capability for those who cannot come.


Clint Savage
The Utah Open Source Foundation

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