[ubuntu-us-ut] Ubuntu Utah Bugsquad

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 8 18:02:09 GMT 2007

A post this morning on Planet Ubuntu got me thinking about bugs and
the importance of bug checking and bug work.  I personally do quite a
bit of bug work and I'm wondering if bug education / organization
within our team would be something that would be worthwhile.

I would love to demo:

1) proper bug submission via Launchpad
2) bug tracking
3) bug triaging

I think the LoCo groups around the country make up a *great* testbed
for qualified and skilled persons who can vastly improve the quality
of bugs submitted and patched.

Is anyone interested in having a small ubuntu utah bug group?  getting
bug submission / LP education?  regularly focusing on finding and
improving the status of bugs within ubuntu?

"Fearless Leader"

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