Ubuntu via Dell? Time for the LoCo to step up.

Ian van Natter ian.vannatter at gmail.com
Fri May 25 13:22:52 BST 2007

hey Guys,
I work for Dell and can pass on any information that the LoCo would like 
me to.  Only a few people here are Linux fans, most are Vista fan boys 
or subscribe to the ideas that Linux is only for the geeks.
I'll help where I can...I am still learning the basics in Linux!  :D

Christer Edwards wrote:
> I'm sure all of you have seen all the news about Dell now (as of today)
> offering Ubuntu pre-installed.  I want to first congratulate everyone on
> all of their hard work, voicing your opinions and showing Dell that
> there is a big, wallet carrying community interested in such a product.
>  This would not have happened if it weren't for the LoCo troops in each
> state doing everything they can to advocate Ubuntu and open source
> software.  Keep it up!
> The second thing I would like to put out for consideration is that now
> that we're "mainstream"--now that every Tom, Dick and Harry can buy
> Ubuntu with Dell--I think the LoCo teams need to really step it up.
> Think about it.  Yes, they do get commercial support from Canonical with
> their purchase, but what other group (in any OS!) will also offer
> localized "bring your machine to our location and we will help you for
> free" support?  Ubuntu LoCo is who!
> I propose that the US Teams really start pushing and focusing on
> organized support channels.  If you aren't already, start planning
> regular meeting times, dates and locations for your LoCo.  Be visible.
> Invite people to your meets and have someone present on interesting
> topics at every and any level.  The more we can build the LoCo Teams the
> better we'll be able to support Canonical, Dell and, of course, one
> another in education and building our United States of Ubuntu!
> Let's get some activity going on this list.  I'd like to really start
> discussing team building methods, mentoring, advocacy, events, etc.  We
> do a lot in the #ubuntu-us irc room, but we've got this list for a
> reason.  Lets use it.
> Remember we're one the front lines here in building Ubuntu.  It comes
> down to the LoCo teams to advocate, educate and support Ubuntu in a
> localized manner.  Your team won't grow if you don't grow it.  Your
> friends and neighbors wont get localized support if you don't support it.
> This list, the #ubuntu-us or #ubuntu-<state> channels and the US Project
> Mentors are here to help.  Let's really step it up and start working!
> Keep up the great work guys.  All of you!
> Christer (Zelut)
> christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
> http://utah.ubuntu-us.org
> http://planet.ubuntu-us.org
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams

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