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Forwarding this from one of my bosses.  I can say that I *really* enjoy
this job.  Learning about the intimate, intricate workings of Linux and
getting paid for it is not a bad deal.  I get to talk to people about it
all day long and get paid... and after class have a room of machines to
hack on to figure out the latest and greatest stuff.

Travel really isn't that bad, although I know a concern for many.  I'm
always home on the weekends and only gone about half the month.  Food
allowance provided to eat out wherever you like and have a good time.
All expenses paid travel around the country... not a bad deal.


Hey folks,

It is that time again...

Guru Labs is a 7+ year old, stable, profitable, 100% employee owned
growing Utah Linux training company. I'm one of the founders and I
up in a small farm town west of Ogden. Guru Labs is an easy comute
anywhere in Davis or Weber counties.

We have multiple positions available where one can make an excellent
salary leaning about, teaching, contributing to, and  evangelizing
Linux, specs follow:

Job title: Linux Guru
Location: Bountiful, UT with travel
Type: Full-time position with benefits
Salary: Competitive
Description: You would be joining an extremely talented team of Linux
enthusiasts. Varied responsibilities include teaching Linux classes
locally and abroad, and developing and updating Linux course

  * No dealing with pointy haired bosses, corporate red-tape, hostile
workplace politics, etc.
  * Guru Labs environment and culture foster rapid skills development.
You will be constantly working with smart people on cutting edge Linux
projects. Teaching Linux and co-worker interaction will add great
and breadth to your knowledge.
  * Fun travel 2-3 weeks a month. We teach Linux classes (both
public enrollment, and private corporate on-site) all over the US and
beyond. Spend your evenings enjoying local attractions and culinary
wonders. Substantial pay bonus for any extended travel.

  * Expensed meals from the best restaurants in the country will soon
make all the restaurants in Utah seem a bit dull.
  * Being surrounded by geeks with tech gadgets may give you "gadget
envy" and lead to increased electronics purchases.
  * Your ego may take a hit as you discover that having your laptop
multi-boot between many Linux distros sporting custom kernels that you
built and packaged is suddenly the norm. :)

Send resumes (PDF, ODF) and inquiries to hr at

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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