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Wed May 9 14:55:54 BST 2007

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 06:45:17AM -0600, Joseph Barney wrote:
>    [1]
>    This was recommended to me on another forum. It works great with Debian
>    and Ubuntu/Kubuntu, from what I understand. Hopefully nobody posted this
>    link already.
>    I'll give this a try on my desktop pretty soon. First, I gotta reinstall
>    WinXP Pro, and then I will upgrade my Kubuntu.
>    Joe
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>    1.


Ubuntu officially *doesn't* support automatix and if you install it
don't expect help on this list or on the ubuntu forums.

not to sound like a hard ass or anything but automatix tends to break
things and then makes it hard to troubleshoot or fix because its third
party scripts using third party repositories.

everything automatix can do can be done officially.  if there is
anything on the automatix list that you want done *and* want supported
just ask and I'll let you know, but I suggest *not* using automatix to
do it.

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