[ubuntu-utah] meeting cancel / reschedule

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Sat Jun 9 16:01:57 BST 2007

I'm sorry to report that this weeks meeting will have to be canceled.
There are a number of reasons but mainly I'm stuck in Kentucky for the
weekend and some of the other core team aren't able to attend either.
I'm really disappointed that we couldn't get something together for this
weekend.  I appreciate everyone following up with me about a meeting.
I'm glad everyone is so interested in meeting together.

I think the best plan at this point is for us to plan, as a team, to
make a showing at the PLUG BBQ next saturday.  Details below:

Address: City Center Park, 100 North 300 East, Orem

Pavilion: Senior Citizens Pavilion (cause we are all old, or something)

Date: Saturday, June 16th

Time: 6pm-9pm (those setting up be there at 5:30pm)

Notes: 30 tables, 300 person capacity, 4 grills, drinking fountain,
right next
to a playground for the kids (it should accommodate quite a few kids).

Power: 2 outlets at 20 amps each. We need to be careful not to blow the
circuit because they will not send someone to reset it.

General Directions: Head east on Center street in Orem. Turn left on 400 E,
then left on 100N. The pavilion is on the left. There is parking there that
should accommodate our group, but it would be helpful if you carpooled if


Again, I'm sorry we had to cancel this week but we can all try to meet
next week at the BBQ.


ps. please pass the word on if you can.

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