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Ian van Natter ian.vannatter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 21:16:18 BST 2007

Just keep me updated on meetings and I can put up fliers at work.  I also
let the managers here know that the LoCo is willing to help with anyone that
wants to learn.  No one really knows what we will end up doing with Linux
besides the hardware support.

On a side note, can someone fix wireless!?  I had some free time today and
got down to installing linux on my new(ish) machine (a Dell E1505 with the
Dell wireless card, Broadcom chipset).  I spent almost 3 hours running
everything I could find on how to get this running and its still no go.  The
computer doesn't even recognize the card but NDISwrapper says the driver is
already loaded....do'h!
Is wireless support going to get any better with Linux?  It seems to be
getting worse.  I am not a programmer so there is little I can do but
complain!  For a few of us there is nothing else we can use but Wireless
most the time.  I can't run a 100 foot ethernet cable through the house!

Thanks guys!

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