feisty problems

Ian van Natter ian.vannatter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 23:20:58 BST 2007

Hey guys,
I downloaded the Feisty beta about a week ago and installed it.  Haven't 
had much time this week to do anything with it but my wireless doesn't 
work.  I have an Atheros  AR5005G wireless adapter in my notebook.  When 
I try to connect to my wireless network (WPA Personal with TKIP and 
hidden SID) I get stuck at 28% "configuring device".  I try to connect 
to other, non secure networks and get the same problem.  Anyone had this 
Do you think if I use NDISwrapper I can fix this?  Think it may be fixed 
in the final release on Thursday?  I can't spend too much time with it 
right now so I am just running windows.



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