Getting more Dapper CDs to hand out

Tristan Rhodes tristan.rhodes at
Tue Sep 26 21:35:45 BST 2006

I have been very successful at handing out Ubuntu CDs here at the WSU
campus.  I usually just place 4 CDs on a table near the CS department,
and they slowly disappear.  I don't think people are throwing them
away, or they would take all of them at once.  I am not sure if new
people are taking them, or if some people are handing them out to
friends and family.  Either way, Ubuntu is getting shared with more
and more people.

Is there anyway I can get perhaps 25 more CDs?  I already handed out
my Dapper shipment of 10-15 CDs, and my second Breezy shipment of 25

BTW, I am also an active bit-torrent seeder for all Ubuntu variations.
 I have shared around 400 CDs of each type of Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS.  (I
am not currently doing Kubuntu, Edubuntu, or Xubuntu, but I think I
will start.)



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