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Bummer!!!  I was hoping the naming scheme would go in a pattern as

    * Warty Warthog
    * Hoary Hedgehog
    * Breezy Bagder
          o Dapper Drake LTS
    * Edgy Eft
    * (another lizard name)
    * (another lizard name)
          o (another duck name) LTS
    * (pattern 3)
    * (pattern 3)
    * (pattern 3)
          o (another duck name) LTS

See where I'm going with this?  That would be cool.  But I guess this
*is* Mark's baby, so name it as he will, but I think that still
would've been cool nonetheless.

I guess, rather, I'll have to look forward to Bambi instead.  :S

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Christer Edwards wrote:
> For anyone not currently on the developer mailing list this is from Mark
> Shuttleworth with announcements for Ubuntu 7.04 & the new nickname.
> -------- Forwarded Message --------
> From: Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com>
> Salve, Ubuntero's
> With the final release of Ubuntu 6.10 approaching, and apparently set
> to be spot on schedule October 26th, we're starting to look beyond
> it to Ubuntu 7.04, scheduled for release on 19 April 2007.
> In the next cycle we'll expand on the brand new infrastructure that has
> landed in Edgy as well as branching out in some exciting new directions.
> This combination of courage and restlessness is also found in a young deer
> that sets out to explore a world that is new and exciting - seeing the
> world through eyes unprejudiced by what has gone before.
> In that spirit, the release will be be code named "The Feisty Fawn".
> The main themes for feature development in this release will be
> improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end
> server market, and aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies.
> Ubuntu's Feisty release will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement
> and desktop effects. We expect this to be a very gratifying release for
> both users and developers. Detailed planning will take place at the
> developer summit next month in Mountain View, California. Please join
> us there to help shape the Feisty Fawn!
>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperSummitMountainView
> This will be our sixth release, marking the third anniversary of the
> project's inception, and will be a return to our standard six-month release
> schedule following the shortened catch-up cycle used for 6.10.
> Edgy has been a wild ride, with some remarkable achievements (nothing
> like re-inventing and substantially improving on init!). Feisty will
> be a little more focused on features that are very visible to end-users.
> We welcome new participants in our community - whatever your talent we
> look forward to working with you! Jono Bacon, our new community lead,
> will find a way to make sure your contribution is well received.
> Mark
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