Adobe Reader for 64bit

jtaber jtaber at
Sun Nov 19 06:58:25 GMT 2006

thks for the correction - I was thinking besides simply reading, the 
only time I've copied/scaled/trimed pdf contents is with drawings that 
we open up and modify in GIMP. 

Michael Moore wrote:
>> Huh?  I don't know about copying/pasting since pdf is an image (and we
>> modify those in GIMP) but Evince's rendering has never caused any
>> problems for us, even with detailed drawings saved as pdf's
> PDF is not an image! PDF can have images, or can be rendered as an
> image, but the PDF format allows for embedding of text as text
> objects, as well as vector and raster graphics.
> I haven't used Adobe PDF reader under 64 bit Linux, but I'd recomend
> XPDF, if Evince isn't working for you. XPDF is ugly, but it works very
> well, and lets you select text nicely.
> hth,

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