Team Membership

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Sat May 6 04:29:46 BST 2006


I wanted to remind everyone of the goal we set at the last meeting of
team member recruitment.  I know things have slowed down a bit for
everyone due to school, etc but I know we can still make the goal we

Goal: +11 registered team members on launchpad by Dapper release June 1.

We have seen a slight increase in team registration but I know there
are more of you out there that haven't added your name to the list. 
If you are part of the mailing list and would like to contribute to
the team please take a minute and apply on our launchpad page.  It's
nice to see who we have on our team and what everyone has to

Everyone else.  Let's continue to spread the word, distribute CDs and
get more active people helping spread the Ubuntu Goodness :)

Christer Edwards

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