Team Meet Proposed

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Wed May 3 02:46:56 BST 2006

I would like the entire team to get together soon so we can discuss
plans & goals pending the release of Dapper.  Dapper is going to be a
big event for all of us--something we can really show off to the
public!  I would like us to be able to put our heads together and come
up with a great game-plan for Dapper distribution.

Which would work best for everyone?  I know you OALUG guys meet on
Tuesdays(?).  Would a Tue evening work for everyone, just move it
centrally to SLC?  If not Tue maybe Sat?  Please give me some idea of
what works & we'll meet in SLC.  I would like to do this within the
next two weeks.

Let me know

Christer Edwards

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