Weekly Agendas

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 8 19:53:53 BST 2006


It sounds like there was some confusion as to where each week started
for our weekly project agendas.  In my mind, since each month starts
on a different day, I am scheduling my weekly projects just as 1st -
7th, 8th - 15th, etc.

On that schedule today would start Week 2: Bug Triaging.  Between now
and the 15th I hope to report and progress a bug, find duplicate or
close outdated bugs.

I'm sure it'll take a little getting used to but I think after we get
the hang of it & remember to dedicate just a few hours to each weekly
project we can get a lot done.

Also, reminder of our Meeting at The Pie again this weekend, 6:00pm.
We are working on getting a reserved room in the nice SLC Library, but
until then its pizza & fun again ;)  Remember, its The Pie that is in
the basement of the pharmacy.  You can find a map & address at

Christer Edwards

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