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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at gmail.com
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That is great to hear!  I have been considering looking into a Mac but I
think you've changed my mind.  I get everything I need done on Ubuntu,
and have done it for almost the last two years!  Linux has gone from a
hobbyist OS to something that actually makes tasks simpler.

Do you have plans on installing Ubuntu for Mac on the Mac hardware &
ditching OSX?

(note: looks like you sent this to the google groups vs the current
list. oops)

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 13:19 -0600, Michael Moore wrote:
> My wife does wedding and engagement photography, and gives her
> customers a DVD with their pictures on it. Today, she was supposed to
> deliever 3 DVDs to one of her customers. We thought there would be no
> problem, as the ISO was already made, and two of the disks were
> already burned. The third disk was set to burn as we went to bed last
> night, so it'd be done this morning.
> The only DVD burner we had was in the iMac, running OSX 10.3. The DVD
> didn't burn. Several reboots and ~15 coasters later the DVD burner
> still wouldn't burn anything -- it would start and then spit out
> "buffer under-run error".
> With about 2 hours before she had to deliever the DVDs, I went and
> bought a new DVD burner, and put it in a firewire enclosure I had
> laying arround. OSX would read disks from it, but wouldn't burn to it.
> We put the ISO on the Ubuntu machine, put the DVD drive on there as
> well, and in about 4 minutes, the DVD was perfectly burned! No messing
> with extra software, no configuring the drive (OSX made us pick a
> region before we could even read data disks from the drive)...just
> right click the ISO and "burn image".
> epilogue
> OSX is a nice OS, but we've been moving more and more of my wife's
> stuff over to Ubuntu. iPhoto couldn't handle the 5000+ photos we were
> storing very well, so we put up gallery2 on Ubuntu and it's working
> great. Her DVDs are created with some scripts I wrote, plus dvdauthor,
> saving her roughly 6 hours per photoshoot she does. Photo touch up was
> being done on OSX with the Gimp, but has now switched to Ubuntu.
> When that iMac dies, I don't believe we'll be getting another one. :-)
> (and of course, I've only got Ubuntu for myself)
Christer Edwards
President, Ubuntu-Utah
christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
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