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On 8/3/06, Ricardo petion <dadado20 at> wrote:
> yes  i see it on the desktop
> it's my first time i use Ubuntu
> i don't know how install other aplication

See  Chapter 2<>of
the Ubuntu
Desktop Guide <>,
Removing and Updating Applications".

i use ubuntu 5.10

If you just installed it and have no data you care to save, I strongly
recommend you install Ubuntu 6.06.  Perhaps it will support your DVD drive.
(-: Ubuntu 6.06 Download Page <> or Ship-it
Request page <> to get free CDs (if you can live
with the delay of shipping).

 i would like u show me how switch from Windows to Linux(Ubuntu)

Hm. Do you know anyone close to you geographically that you could meet up
with and ask for help?  (I am in Provo, and would be glad to do that.)  I
think you could learn so much so quickly if you could sit down and talk with
someone, asking lots of questions.  It's hard to "show you how switch from
Windows to Linux" through email.  However, the Ubuntu community has prepared
a document: "Switching To Ubuntu From
You might find that helpful.

Aidditional resources for DVD help:


Here is something interesting:

"Non-encrypted DVDs should play, however be aware that mpeg2-video is
somewhat patent encumbered and the support for it is not installed by
default in Ubuntu.

"Full DVD-Video support requires support for the Content Scrambling System
(CSS). Though the encryption is weak, using libdvdcss to avoid this is
classed as a 'circumvention device' and as such is illegal in the United
States and some other jurisdictions."

Oh, one quick note: All the links I have given you here are for Dapper Drake
(6.06).  There is a little bit of 5.10

Oh, one last thing I just remembered: Easy
>From the website:

"EasyUbuntu is an easy to use (duh!) script that gives the Ubuntu user the
most commonly requested apps, codecs, and tweaks that are not found in the
base distribution - all with a few clicks of your mouse.

"EasyUbuntu is so easy to use in fact, that even your grandma could be
playing encrypted dvds, streaming Windows Media, and sporting the latest
Nvidia or Ati drivers in minutes! And yes, EasyUbuntu is GPL."

I recommend you download it and see if it helps you play your DVD.
Good luck!

James Carroll

thank for your help
> *James Carroll <jcarroll at>* a écrit :
> Can you see the DVD in Nautilus / Konqueror?
> Do you have any prior experience with Linux?
> Do you have any other problems?
> Please give more information about what you do know about the problem.
> James
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